Ideas to eliminate too much screentime

Okay moms does this sound familiar? You call your kids names for dinner or try to talk to them about their day and all you here is crickets because they have zoned you out and zoned into a video game or videos online. Sadly this is something that has seemed to replace good quality family time. I know I have struggled with getting my own kids away from screens. I tried limiting their time but they would constantly say they had nothing to do and were bored. So I started coming up with fun alternatives for them to do and it worked so I wanted to share with others a few fun activities you can do as a family to keep your kiddos minds offline.

1.) Start playing board games and let your kids pick out the games that appeal to them so that they are eager to want to play them.

2.) Create a treasure hunt. Oh yes, this was a big win with my kids they love this and it can be done indoors or outside. You can start by drawing a map with landmarks of where your kids can find the hidden treasures around your house and then give it to your kids to start the search!

3.) Create a page of riddles that your kids can try to figure out that give them clues as to where to go look for the hidden goodies.

4.) Go outside and play! Yes, go on bike rides together it’s not only fun but great exercise as well.. Have relay races and for an added incentive get prizes for the winners. There are so many fun things to do outside for the whole family to enjoy.

There are so many fun ways to keep your kids engaged without a screen and that don’t have to break the bank but sometimes with busy schedules it’s hard to think of fun alternatives. I hope these ideas help some other families like it did for mine.

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